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Rough UV printing ink - Outstanding impact in industrial application

Rough UV printing ink brings unique striking impacts, accentuating printing lines and fulfilling the strictest packaging demand, creating luxury product, enhancing quality and value, which is chosen by numberous manufactures

UV Printing Ink utilizes on every industrial designing material : In comparision with ordinary inks drying by mechanical method, UV ink does not use solvent, which is straightforwardly imprinted on material surface and instantly drying by photochemical process. UV ink does not absorb in printing material, it is water-resistance, non-smearing with bright and fastness color

UV Printing Ink is not only harmless to enviroment and health, but also applicable on every printing material such as glass, plastic, crystal, metal. Futhermore, UV Printing Ink creates various artistic effects like ray, gloss, imbossed, coral, surfing, rough impact, which has high application in industrial designs

Rough UV Printing Ink creates unique impact in industrial designs and can be alongside Rough varnish UV printing ink, Rough sand UV ink, Sand effect UV ink or Rough varnish UV ink

Some popular kind of Rough UV Printing Ink

  • Rough harsh sand UV ink
  • Rough medium sand UV ink
  • Rough smooth sand UV ink
  • Mực UV chiết quang (sần tia)

There are some packaging products such as : cosmetic box, food bag, wine box, nests box,... which utilize Rough UV Ink in specific plans yet have similitude in making a more luxury impress than other ordinary inks

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