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Water-resistance UV Printing Ink last over the time

UV Printing Ink is an oil-based specialize for UV Printer, with general features such as fine water-resistance, non-spreading, long color lasting, high adhersion, excellent printing quality, bright and eye-catching color effect and high aesthetic value

Oil-based and water-resistance UV Printing Ink

Oil-based ink does not contain solvent like ordinary printing ink, which is harmless to the user's wellbeing and eco-friendly. After each printing unit, ink can not be dry by itself but will be dried by UV light. High drying speed right after exposing to light, assisting saving time for the following printing unit

For the reason above that UV Printing technology can be utilized on any non-absorbing materials, for example, plastic package, glass, ceramic tiles, ceramics

After finishing, UV ink presents nice color tone with high definition and sharpness, carrying various special effects such as gloss, shade, fine particle effect, embossed printing,... , creating vivid and impressive user experience

UV Printing Ink currently includes of 5 high-quality categories can be priority selection for many different needs such as : UV Pigment Printing Ink, UV Bestcure Printing Ink, UV Dye Printing Ink, UV Offset Printing Ink and UV Fluorescent Printing Ink. Those printing inks are not only high-adhering on any material surface but also longer color lasting than other inks after being cured by photochemical process

Assisting long-lasting printing product, UV Printing Ink is a top consideration for significant documents, utilizing in extraordinary designing product requires exceptional quality, luxury packaging and brand identify. Coming to UVPrint, you will receive printing solution with high-tech UV Varnish Printing Technology, reliable quality and the most reasonable expense

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